Faye's 7th Birthday

My youngest daughter had recently celebrated her 7th birthday. I wanted to have a debut-type of celebration, with cotillion for the kids -- just like what we had during her older sister's 7th birthday --- but she didn't like that. She didn't want to be the center of attention, and actually, if she had her way, she wanted to celebrate her 7th birthday with just the immediate members of our family.

So, we compromised, i
asked her what kind of celebration she wanted. She said she wanted it to be done in a resort -- with a swimming pool, because she really LOVES water! Once she's in the pool, nobody can pull her out of it.

So, we set a budget, and scouted for a venue. Then, I got busy tying up everything to go with the Luau Party theme. I began to shop for the materials for the invites, giveaways and decorations for the resort.

It was FUN really! Most especially, we had a blast putting together the invites.

If you like to have this kind of invite, just let me know. This goes well with the Luau Party Theme. It has a little umbrella, colored sand, the invite itself, and some shells.

This is the invitation inside the bottle. If you want to have a Luau Party Theme, you might want to have this layout, with some revisions if you like.

For her party giveaways, I had a hard time thinking of anything that will go with the theme, so, i just made magnets with her picture, i also decorated it with beads of assorted shapes and colors. My husband also made a few mugs with her photo, as additional giveaways.

But, i think the best thing that she liked about the preparations that i had done for her party was the store-bought scrapbook album which i've made into a Memory Book for her. I printed scrapbook layouts and put them inside the album and I asked her guests to write something for her -- some advice for the future, prayers for her to live by. I've also put there all the letters that she received from her Godparents and relatives during her first birthday. I knew she liked it very much because, she was still reading it over and over even days after her party.

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